Airline Management for Kids – New Volga-Dnepr Group Project

Airline Management for Kids – New Volga-Dnepr Group Project


To tell children about aviation and unique experience of an international airline is no easy task. How to make these classes exciting, keep the kids involved, and let them feel our passion for the sky while helping them to find their own way in aviation? Here’s where talented Volga-Dnepr experts come into play. What it takes is their profound experience and… a bunch of balloons, heaps of maple seeds, boxes, ropes, bandages and some chocolate.

The Volga-Dnepr project “Airline Management for Kids” was initiated by the company Corporate University in March 2016. Its aim is to engage 60 talented children aged 8-15 into the world of aviation, excite them with the secrets of an airline business, such values as labour, health, safety, development, and through educational games and real practice help them choose their future career.
Very “adult” theory mixed with exciting tasks and experiments, flavoured with our “secret ingredient” – best airline experts playing the role of teachers – is what makes every class unique and unforgettable.

These dedicated professionals had to reconsider their extensive experience to find their way with young aviators.
To inspire the kids we conducted some vivid experiments – maple seeds illustrating how the propeller works and air balloons showing the principle of thrust, two rubber bands, a ruler and a scotch tape demonstrating the principle of cargo balance.

To help the kids get a holistic picture of airline operations the project introduces them to HR management, marketing and finance, fundamentals of aircraft operation and air traffic control, aircraft maintenance, cargo transportation, aviation security and flight safety.

The president of Volga-Dnepr Group, Alexey Isaykin, is one of the project teachers. He shared his secrets on airline management, on ‘building bridges’ and speaking a common language with customers and partners across the world.
The synergy of the youth and the maturity, allows the kids together with the company executives to look for innovative development solutions… and come up with the ideal model of an airline.

The results of the project will be announced in May 2017. The best participants will be granted presents and supervision of the company experts who will help the children find their way in aviation.

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