Peak Pacific’s CLEAR TMS Wins Gold at the 2017 Brandon Hall Group...

Peak Pacific’s CLEAR TMS Wins Gold at the 2017 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology


Technology-enabled Learning provider Peak Pacific Group has won the Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Technology Excellence in the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training category.

Peak Pacific’s entry, Cleared for Takeoff: Propelling the C/EBT Era in Aviation, featured the company’s flagship C/EBT product, CLEAR, a SaaS platform for Competency and/or Evidence Based Training that offers airlines an innovative solution for managing pilot and cabin crew training data. Airlines evaluate not only knowledge and aircraft handling skills, but also a pilot’s emotional quotient and his/her appropriate attitude to deal with real situations and emergencies that pilots may face in their demanding roles.

Peak Pacific Founder & Group CEO, Kishor Mistry, said, “We launched our flagship product CLEAR to address the need for capturing extensive training data electronically and do away with paper. Our launch customer in 2014 was Air Arabia who went paperless within 12 months. The product allows our customers to manage all aspects of scheduling training, collect training data electronically for Competency and/or Evidence Based Training, track licenses/qualifications, and provide reporting and analytics. This approach allows for conducting objective based assessments, improves business workflows, creates a paperless training environment that is standardised throughout the training departments, captures quality data, and prepares the airline for internal audits, as well as external regulatory audits. We are very pleased and honoured by this recognition and I am very proud of our team who worked closely with a number of our clients and aviation experts during the initial 18 months of R&D to develop CLEAR.”

A panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, and Brandon Hall Group senior analysts and executives evaluated the entries. “I would like to thank the judges for their time in understanding the value proposition of CLEAR and its unique differentiators that provide value to our aviation clients around the world. Our thanks also go out to our clients who support and trust Peak Pacific with their regulatory compliance training needs,” added Mistry.

Mike Cooke, CEO of Brandon Hall Group, said, “Our technology award winners are truly outstanding and set a high bar for others. We have learned a great deal from what they have accomplished. The awards programs supplement our quantitative research in providing our team with unique insights to share with our members and clients.”


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