SriLankan Airlines launches websites in Sinhala and Tamil

SriLankan Airlines launches websites in Sinhala and Tamil


Sri Lanka’s national carrier, SriLankan Airlines has launched full-fledged Sinhala and Tamil language options on its website to better facilitate the air travel of people throughout Sri Lanka, as part of a new marketing campaign on the theme of ‘Be Sri Lankan, Fly SriLankan’.

Captain Suren Ratwatte, CEO of SriLankan Airlines, said: SriLankan Airlines has for 37 years been the largest carrier of passengers into and out of Sri Lanka, and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. “One of our main priorities is to cater to the travel needs of all Sri Lankans, and we are delighted to introduce our National Languages on our website.”

SriLankan re-launched its website in April 2016, with state of the art features, and has since added language options in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, with dedicated home pages for many countries it flies to, in order to optimize levels of convenience for local customers.

“The National Carrier has continuously expanded our services to our Sri Lankan customers through a variety of methods. The Sinhala and Tamil language enabled website offers our valued customers flexibility and added convenience whenever they wish to use the web services of the airline,” Chief Commercial Officer of SriLankan Airlines Siva Ramachandran said.



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