Youths schooled on aviation industry; opportunities and challenges

Youths schooled on aviation industry; opportunities and challenges


The first edition of the YOUTH AVIATION FORUM 2016 (YAFA2016) was held in Cameroon during the 50th anniversary of the YOUTH WEEK. It was organized by the YOUNG AFRICAN AVIATION PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION (YAAPA)

The impact of aviation on the global economy is 2.5 trillion –registering 58.1 million jobs in the industry worldwide. However, sixty percent of the aviation travel takes place in Western countries. Despite the many opportunities, in terms of career and economic growth that the aviation sector can bring to a country, aviation is still at an infancy stage in many of them. Cameroon is an example of a country where there is very limited access to aviation.

There is a great need to start promoting in the schools the great variety of aviation careers that exist, whether it is in finance, human resources, administration, engineering, or as air traffic controller, commercial pilot or even pilot firefighting. This is why YAFA gathered youngsters of all ages to explain what aviation is all about and to show them the numerous career opportunities that it can offer. ICAO’s representative Mr. Etundi Zoa presented the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) to the youths present at the forum. IATA’s Vice President for Africa, Mr. Raphael Kuuchi, spoke about the opportunities for youths in the African aviation sector, while Ms. Adefunke Adeyemi, Regional Head, Member and External Relations, Africa and The Middle East, also with IATA, sensitized the young audience on gender equality in the industry.

YAFA2016 outlined the challenges and opportunities with a focus on the urgent need to foster cooperation among all African countries. The event closed beautifully with a challenge that had been addressed to the young Cameroonians; asking them to build a drone using only local materials. Magate Diop, a young 12 year old girl, and her team, who had never had access to an aircraft before, amazed everybody by building a drone that flew quite high and which was made exclusively of local materials.

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